A day in the life


Up at 5:20, on the bike in spin class by 5:45, home by 7. Woke up visiting nephew so he could see the Statue of Liberty. At work by 8:15, in time to get the first emergency call of the day. Yes, we have emergencies. Truck wheels came off a tractor trailer in a car accident and struck two buildings, and the businesses needed an inspection by a professional so that yellow tape could be removed for the businesses to continue operation. Went over the other messages, called the business owners, edited flood reports with our secretary and ran out the door to the first appointment.

Met with a homeowner who answered questions to finish his insurance claim report regarding damages to his roof by a contractor, who may be sued, and then reviewed the proposal and bills from a follow-up contractor who re-did the job. The owner expressed concerns about strengthening his remaining roof structure, since the area where damage was repaired was originally built with undersized structure and meager connections. Called a contractor working nearby and arranged for the homeowner and contractor to meet in two hours.

Climbed a ladder in slip-on street shoes, and nearly died when one shoe starting coming off while I ascended the sloped roof to inspect the second contractor’s repairs of the first contractor’s inadequate work. Had to spread out quickly and lie flat against slope to stop sliding downward. Inspected the roof, took photos, gave the OK sign to the owner, jumped in my car and was inspecting the damaged businesses a few minutes later. Called the building inspectors, arranged to write signed and sealed letters, called a contractor to meet the owner for the repairs, and was back on the road.

In the office, reviewed construction plans, made changes, spoke to another emergency client whose mother drove through the back garage wall, called to learn that the permit for repairs was approved last week but we never received the mailed notice because it was addressed to a former owner. Got a return call that the file was located and we could come pick it up. Prepared the letters for emergency repair.

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