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Sunday, May 29, 2016
A friend in high places in Rockville Centre
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Photos courtesy Senator Skelos’s office
Skelos helped with recovery efforts in East Rockaway, dropping off clothes after the storm.

To help bring food to the affected areas, Skelos and his office worked with Island Harvest. “They helped Island Harvest in identifying specific neighborhoods that needed our assistance, and were on hand to roll up their sleeves and pitch in with important food collection and distribution events,” said Don Miller, an Island Harvest spokesman. “The senator’s outreach to county and state agencies and officials on behalf of Island Harvest proved to be invaluable in directing essential resources to other areas severely impacted by the storm.”

Skelos also worked with the officials in hard-hit areas like East Rockaway, Long Beach and Island Park to make sure they had the tools to help their communities. He helped lead the effort to get resources to those communities’ fire departments, which he described as their “heart and soul” after the storm.

“He was very instrumental in providing us with generators and access to heaters so that we could provide heat in our firehouse,” said Steve Torborg, the chief of the East Rockaway Fire Department. “Later on, he provided a number of other assets to us — anything we needed, he either provided or directed us to someone who could. He was in constant contact with us, making sure we got what we needed and that we didn’t need anything else.”

“I saw the worst devastation I’ve ever seen in terms of the local communities,” Skelos said. “But I also saw the best in people, looking to help their neighbors. The absolute desire to rebuild the communities and make their lives once again as normal as possible.”


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If Dean Skelos appointed a REAL ENGINEER instead of a dietician (Suzette Smookler) to the LIPA Board of Trustees, maybe LI would have been better prepared to handle Sandy. Actually many on the current LIPA Board are not qualified to oversee a major utility. They are all patronage beneficiaries, courtesy of Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver, and Andrew Cuomo.

BTW We wouldn't be in this mess if Long Island politicians would simply stop the Patronage Mill. STOP planting unqualified individuals in important positions.

As for Bay Park, it's been a known disaster for the last 20 years! Any of Skelos' constituents can attest to that! Ask any East Rockaway resident what they think about Bay Park!

NYS and Nassau County have done nothing to fix that environmental disaster. Now with the Sandy relief money, let's see if Dean Skelos will personally oversee the repair of Bay Park!

One of the most important things Sandy has shown is LI is woefully ill-equipped to handle a severe storm and despite the tremendous amount of Tax Dollars sent to Albany every year, none of those tax dollars come back... We need to "harden" our infrastructure from natural disasters... yet Albany cares little to do so.

So I say to Senator Dean Skelos, if you really want tohelp the people of LI, stop the TAX INEQUITY and allow Nassau and Suffolk Counties to invest a portion of the Albany Tax bill here for infrastructure projects.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | Report this

Sen. Skelos only stands up when he can get some bennifit for himself. He folded like a cheep tent when Andrue Coumo decided to push anti 2nd. A. laws that will not stop one crime and disarm good law abideing voters.

Shame has a name, Skelos.

If my fellow voters have a chance the LI republicans that stabed all of us in the back will be gone next election.

Thursday, February 21, 2013 | Report this

furiousman makes many good points. i would also question the "cozy" appointment of management at the bay park plant. The L.I Press ran a story a while back in that regard. one of the whistle blowers in that case was reassigned out of the plant. interestingly, they brought him back him back in to the plant after Sandy to deal with the mess...

So just by luck NYC happened to have the pumps on hand that were critiically needed there. And what, heaven forbid, would have been the result if the pumps were not available? What a gross failure to prepare! What a gross failure of leadership! Is not the extreme vulnerability of this plant that sits right on the canal an obvious foregone conclusion without even considering a strom the magnitude of Sandy. The Bay Park Plant remains a health disaster and an economic disaster waiting to happen. There is no more fundamental or critical issue that our lcoal politicans need to attend to. Sandy went way beyond a wake up call!

Friday, February 22, 2013 | Report this
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