Author seeking photos for book about Nunley’s

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To collect her materials, Berman has set up a Facebook account (Go to and search for “RememberNunleysAmusementPark” or Email Marisa Berman at where people can submit photographs and peruse an extensive gallery of images. She is also inviting people to share their memories and stories of the park in order to enrich her archive. Although she only established the web page in March, contributors have already kicked in numerous anecdotes and photos. Discussion niches on the site include Father’s Days spent at Nunley’s, the best deals on the Nunley’s restaurant menu ($1 for a bag of fries or a slice of pizza, one poster recalled), and even the finer points of skeeball.

Berman said she is especially interested in photos and tales from the 1940s and ’50s, but welcomes any contributions. In fact, she said that one of the best stories that has surfaced so far came from a 1980s Freeport High School graduate. “He told me there was one kind of pickled relish the restaurant offered that no one liked,” Berman laughed. “He said the stuff was so unpopular, one of his classmates was rumored to have hidden a dissected frog in the stuff and no one found it until the end of the day.”

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