Baldwin 4 Children takes a look back

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After the organization’s prodigious fundraising, Clavin said, its work appeared to be finished. Recently, however, B4C announced that it would be hosting Baldwinpalooza 2 on Sept. 13 at the middle school. Proceeds from the event will go to the Baldwin Foundation for Education, which will fund mini-grants for teachers for technology, arts and music or athletic clubs and activities. Since B4C is now known throughout the community, Clavin explained, it made sense for the organization to host the event.

In May, the community passed a school budget for the upcoming school year that restores program funding to pre-2013-14 levels.

Looking back a year later, Damm called B4C “a success story.” “It was tiring,” he said, “but it was something that I don’t think many other communities could have pulled off.”

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