Baldwin residents step in

Couple caught up in ‘What Would You Do?’


While enjoying a meal at the end of a long day at the beach, Baldwin residents Deidre Stammers and her husband, Adrian Allain, never expected to be caught on camera.

Stammers and Allain unknowingly got involved in a situation that was secretly being filmed for the ABC show “What Would You Do?” which puts unsuspecting people in uncomfortable circumstances and films their reactions. In an episode that aired May 31, Stammers and Allain were visiting Pop’s Seafood Shack in Island Park, where they encountered what appeared to be an intoxicated man attempting to coax his wife and young son into their boat.

The family, all actors from the show, was seated next to Stammers and Allain at the restaurant’s bar. The Baldwin couple couldn’t help notice that both parents were drinking to excess while they discussed getting into their boat.

“We became aware immediately,” Stammers recounted. “They were seated a few barstools down from us and they were both slamming down shots.”

Stammers and Allain were less than impressed with the way the couple were acting. According to Stammers, the father seemed like a “jerk” and the mother appeared to be “spineless” and “the kind of person who could tolerate him.”

And as they watched the drinking continue, Stammers and Allain grew worried. “Even before they made it clear they were going to drive [the boat],” Stammers said, “I was worried that even if they took a cab, they wouldn’t be able to look after their son.”

So the Baldwin couple spoke up. “I told the bartender to cut them off a few times … my husband told him to get the manager, who was less than forthcoming,” Stammers recalled. “We knew it was up to us.”

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