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Baldwin’s bravest belly busters

Firefighters' weight-loss program a huge success


In late Oct. of last year the Herald ran a story tracking the weight loss program of a group of Baldwin Firemen. (“Pulling their fat out of the fire,” Oct. 25 to Nov. 2.) The boys signed on with Kristie Lengel, owner of Baldwin’s LEARN Fitness, to lift heavy things, run great distances, and figure out what kinds of changes they could make in their eating and drinking habits. The program has been a success. “The boys lost a total of 109.4 pounds and 45.5 inches,” Lengel said. “They all have continued their memberships at LEARN and continue to lose weight and improve their health.”

The program Lengel designed didn’t involve the weights and treadmills typical of modern gyms. Instead, the Lynbrook resident, who was inspired to invite the F.D. due to her own father and brother’s involvement fighting fires, designed off beat, interesting workouts involving ropes, hoses, barrels, sledgehammers and other elements of the firefighter environment.

“It was funny,” Lengel said. “We went to the Outback Steakhouse to celebrate after the final weigh in. I sat back and watched all of them compare the calorie content in each of the meals and contemplate whether the calories were worth it. I called them on it and they said I turned them into monsters!”

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