Battling back

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Theresa Press, a Herald contributing photographer, said that the Baldwin Public Library was a tremendous resource for many people. “I have friends taking refuge in the library,” Press said. “It’s open, it’s warm, there’s power, and there’s plenty to read.”

Press, her husband, Joel, and Linda Degen, of A Better Baldwin, all stressed how helpful the Sanitary District was in the aftermath of the storm.

“The F.D. [was] out everywhere, 24/7, along with sani2,” Degen wrote in an email to the Herald. “If people need garbage picked up they can call sani2 at (516) 233-3207.” She also advised that St. Christopher’s food pantry was open on Monday and Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. to collect donations of food, clothing and household goods. Contacted on Monday, St. Chris officials could not say whether the pantry would be open beyond Tuesday. If residents are looking to donate locally, they can call the parish at (516) 223-0723.

Many children in Baldwin were robbed of a chance to wear their Halloween costumes as Sandy blew by. Meadow School families improvised a solution. On Saturday, Meadow parents, communicating largely through Facebook, set up a “Trunk or Treat” event. In this mobile, automotive Halloween substitute, children dressed up and visited a sequence of car tailgates, collecting Halloween candy.

“We had 42 cars, maybe 60 kids,” said Barbara Guerriere, a Meadow School parent who helped coordinate the event. “People brought their Halloween stuff and decorated their cars. We went from about 3 p.m. until 6. It was a way to let the kids wear their costumes and have a little fun.”

While things are still far from normal in Baldwin, both organized and impromptu relief efforts are continuing. There seem to be a roughly equal number of people who need help and who are willing to help. On this site are listings of additional resources and storm recovery services. Watch for the most up-to-date information.

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