Cuomo: 'Things will be getting back to normal'

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Asked when Long Beach residents can expect to have power restored, Cuomo said, "There is no short answer as to when the power will come on. [LIPA] are making the repairs that benefit the largest number of people first and making their way across the island. I am talking to them everyday. We pay them for a service .. when you don't pay your bill, they're very good at telling you [that] you didn't pay your bill. We are going to be just as good at telling them when they didn't get the power on. They will be held accountable. But this was a catastrophic storm, let's not underestimate what we've been through and the damage that's been done. We haven't seen this kind of damage in a generation."

On Sunday, LIPA said that it has restored service to more than 600,000 customers affected by Hurricane Sandy, which is well over half of the more than 1 million customers who lost power due to the storm, that affected 8 million electric customers along the East Coast.

"We continue to work around the clock, seven days a week, to restore service as safely and quickly as possible," read a statement on LIPA's website. "Currently, there are approximately 8,000 people supporting the restoration effort including over 3,800 high voltage and tree trim crews working on the LIPA system, with many more on their way."

The agency said it is on track to have 90 percent of all customers back online by Wednesday, Nov. 7, with tens of thousands of customers being restored daily.

"While we continue to restore power to customers in the most severely damaged areas in and around Brookville, St. James and Port Jefferson, we are advising customers that they should plan for the potential that power restoration could extend beyond next week," LIPA said. "LIPA also currently estimates that there are up to 100,000 customers from the most severely flooded areas on Long Island whose homes and businesses currently may be unable to receive power. LIPA is working with local authorities in those communities to determine whether and when homes and businesses will be fit to safely receive electric service."

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