Cuomo: 'Things will be getting back to normal'

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"I ran out of gas when I was on line, it was a nightmare," said East Beech Street resident Alyson Goodman, 26, who was trying to fill up her rental car on Saturday morning, after the storm totaled her Hyundai Elantra. "I actually had to have my dad come down and put a drop of gas in my car. The line was long and it was a two-hour wait. I was surpised that the line was as calm as it was, although someone tried to cut the line behind me."

Cuomo said on Saturday that more fuel is on the way, but acknowledged that the long lines could last for days.

"People have been anxious about gasoline and fuel ... what happened with the fuel delivery was the New York harbor was closed by the Coast Guard right after the storm because there was a lot of debris in the harbor; containers that had fallen off freighters were floating in the harbor. When they closed the harbor, it backed up all the tankers that were coming to deliver the fuel. The harbor was opened [Friday] morning. Emergency deliveries of fuel have been made by the federal government - we have 28 million gallons that are coming in over the next two days, so you will see an easing in the fuel situation. I urge New Yorkers, don't panic. If you can limit your travel, that's the best advice over the next couple of days."

Residents also expressed concern about sanitation pick-up, as they clear their homes and buildings of debris and trash, after the city announced on Thursday that sanitation services would begin. Ford, who lives on Ohio Avenue, and others said on Friday and Saturday that the West End had yet to be serviced.

"We'd like to get information as to when our sanitaion will be picked up - food is spoiling and creating a health hazard," Ford said on Friday. "The city told us to put our food out, but they still haven't picked it up."

On Sunday, the city said that sanitation crews are picking up debris, bagged garbage and bulk items seven-days a week. The city also announced that all city employees are to report to work on Monday.

Additionally, Long Beach residents can begin picking up their mail at the Garden City Post Office on Stewart Avenue this week.

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