Diplomas in hand, caps in the air

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Board of Education Vice President Mary Jo O’Hagan said she was proud to see this group of students take advantage of the courses and extracurricular activities they were offered, but noted that it took a community effort to make those opportunities possible.

“As you begin the next stage of your lives,” O’Hagan said, “please keep in mind the sacrifices that contributed to your success and make a commitment to your community, both local and global, to pay it forward.”

Principal Susan Knors asked the graduates to stand, take in the moment and then shake hands with or hug the person next to them. Knors explained that life moves quickly, and while success is important, it is also important to appreciate one’s surroundings. “Take it all in and enjoy the journey,” she said.

As the ceremony drew to a close, the graduates tossed their mortarboards in the air and shouted with exuberance — a moment not soon to be forgotten by them or their families.

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