Ed Manck: Memories of Baldwin Part II

Grand Avenue “As I remember it”


...Further down on Grand Avenue it forked into Milburn and Grand Avenues. At this junction, down on the east side, was a group of stores — Garber’s Jewelry store and Halfy’s Clothing. Further south was Whitehead’s Hardware store and Storey’s Garage. At the railroad crossing there was a hand-operated gate. I remember the hotel and bar at the corner of Grand and the railroad. It was a beautiful place and some Hollywood types would visit there. Just below the tracks was a short row of stores. I think Frankel’s Candy and Stationery was the first. I was particularly fond of the Ham & Eggery located there. It was a great ending of an

evening out. Of course, there was a bar next to the eatery. Baldwin was famous for bars. I counted 21 at one time.

Down Sunrise Highway at the Freeport line there was a great attraction — Nunley’s Carousel. I used to enjoy catching the ring. They also had a kiddie roller coaster and a Ferris wheel. My children also share these same fond memories.

Across Sunrise Highway was the Koch building, which still exists. There was a bank there at one time, but I think it went belly up. As usual, there was another bar next to a real estate broker next to the bank. Across the street there was yet another bar. There was a lumberyard on the left going south and (what do you know?) another bar across the street called The Starlite Room.

Further down the next corner was St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. A right turn on this street led to the old junior and senior high schools.

Across the street from the Lutheran church, they built the first apartment complex in town. A block further south, they built the firehouse. My father had a bakery at this location many years before, and I was born in the apartment above the bakery. In those days they gave birth at home. I remember my mother saying the doctor charged $15 to deliver me. I should have cost more because I weighed in at 11 pounds. Ouch!

Further down on the west side was Peckerd’s Window Shade & Shutter Store. Across from the firehouse they built the library. Next to that, there was a bowling alley. There were numerous stores the rest of the way on both sides down to Merrick Road and of course there was a bar among them.

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