Four new plans offered for redesign of Coliseum

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He added that his group would be very cognizant of affordable pricing. “We’re very, very sensitive to the fact that ... Long Island really needs to have a place where [families] can go to and bring a child ... and have a great experience in Nassau County.”

Johnson said that he worked in marketing for the Islanders from 1982 to 1995, and could recruit former Islanders alumni to join the effort to revamp the building. He said he had reached out to the Ferraro Brothers, who are currently building two ice rinks at Eisenhower Park, to tie the two facilities together.

Blumenfeld Development Group Ltd.

Based in Syosset, Blumenfeld Development is bidding on the Coliseum for the fourth time. The group has partnered with SMG, which manages more than 200 facilities worldwide and is a previous operator of the Coliseum.

David Blumenfeld, the project principal, said the plan is to demolish the Coliseum and build a new, downsized arena. “We believe it is an antiquated building,” he said. "We believe a new iconic venue will bring what Long Island deserves.”

The group’s lead consultant is Mark Rosentraub, a professor of sports management at the University of Michigan.

Blumenfeld said that his group’s plan is to combine a new arena with a convention center to attract exhibitions and trade shows as well as sports. The group has experience building on Long Island, including the arches at the Deer Park shopping outlets.

Its plan, Blumenfeld said, is to “slowly phase in” a new Coliseum, which would include retail and entertainment, while also integrating Hofstra University, Nassau Community College and the nearby Museum Row. “We feel we can bring all the parts together that will satisfy everybody, “ Blumenfeld said.

Edward Blumenfeld, David's father, and the group’s other project manager, said it plans to book 150 to 175 nights a year, is willing to purchase a minor league hockey team and will try to lure college sports to the arena.

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