Governor visits the Five Towns

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“We’re happy he was able to take the time out to come here. In my three years as executive director Sandy was an unprecedented event and I’m glad we have the facility and were able to open up our doors.”

Inwood resident Mildred Butler said it was a beautiful idea for Cuomo to visit her neighborhood. “He knows people are in need and he’s willing to help,” she said.

“Thank God for the Community Center; they’ve been a blessing during this tragic time. We were more fortunate than the surrounding areas of Far Rockaway and Long Beach; it could have been worse.”

James Yannacone, a 45-year Inwood resident, did not have a home to go to for Thanksgiving but despite his loss, he was thankful to have the governor come to his hometown. “I had four feet of water in my home but people had it worse,” he said. “It means a lot [to have Gov. Cuomo visit] because no one was mentioning the devastation in Inwood. He has a tough job.”

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