How sweet it is

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More recently, Red Devils Coach Russ Cellan recalls the 1998 playoff game when Freeport, “intercepted a pass at the one yard line with less than a minute to go,” and won 12-7. And then again in 2008 “we won in overtime with a shootout.”

Playing football seems to be something of a family affair. Take Coach Carroll and his brothers. They played for the Bruins, as did their father. “My Dad played on the ‘48 Rutgers Cup team and my brothers played too,” said Carroll, who graduated from Baldwin High School in 1977.

And then there are brothers of a different kind — brothers in spirit. The boys from Freeport and Baldwin grow up together. “The boys [from Freeport] all played with the Bombers. They know each other. They’re in similar social circles,” said Bloom.

Additionally, the faculties are closely tied to one another. Baldwin’s athletic director, Edward Ramirez, is a Freeport High School graduate. Freeport Village’s Superintendent of Public Works, Robert Fisenne, is a Baldwin High School graduate.

“We try to work together when we can,” said Bloom. “Last year after [Hurricane] Sandy, Baldwin played Uniondale on our field. We are also looking to share some busing services for our cross country teams.”

Still, the desire to win remains. “It’s intense, but fun,” said Carroll. “Russ and I, we talk, we know each other well. But on the field, we want to win.”

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