Letters to the Editor

Dec. 19-25, 2013


Thank you from a warrior

To the Editor: 

As featured in the Herald’s front-page story last week, “Helping to heal their wounds,” members of the Lynbrook Fire Department traveled with other members of Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior to bring Christmas cheer to wounded warriors at the Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. on Dec. 6. 

While there, the firefighters met with U.S. Marine Marcus Dandrea, who lost both legs in Afghanistan, and who has come to Lynbrook the past two years to attend our fire department’s block party — an event that raises money for injured military personnel. Dandrea sent the following comments to Lynbrook firefighters, and I would like to share them with the Herald: “My family and I really appreciate the Lynbrook firefighters coming down here for the holiday season. We met them two years ago when they gave us a police escort into their village, gave us a tour of the new World Trade Center, and [we] enjoyed their hospitality. We’ve considered them close friends ever since.

“This month they came to Walter Reed and brought Santa Claus with them, passing out gifts to me, my family and the other vets. I want to say thank you — thank you for the gifts and for your support — and also thank you for your service.”

Edward J. Hynes

Chief, Lynbrook Fire Department