Malverne Mel predicts six more weeks of winter


Six more weeks of winter

Malverne Mel revels in shadow

Elizabeth Hughes joined the 150 Malverne residents in a large groan and then a quick boo when Malverne Mayor Patricia McDonald announced early Saturday morning that groundhog prognosticator Malverne Mel saw his shadow and that six more weeks of winter were coming.

The six year old Malverne resident was not disappointed, however.

Bundled up in a heavy coat and hat and drinking hot chocolate, Hughes said that she was at the Church Avenue gazebo at 7 a.m. because she “loves animals and wants spring to come,” and was happy that she came even though it was cold and winter was about to continue.

It was Hughes’ first s time at Malverne’s groundhog day, but she hoped that it was not her last.

Sheldon Wayne was at his 21st groundhog day. He has been coming ever since he moved to Malverne in 1992,

“I keep coming just because I love it,” he said. “I can’t ever tell what Mel is going to predict, and it doesn’t always come out right, but I just like to come.”

At about 7:15 a.m. Mayor McDonald picked up Mel and conversed in groundhog for a moment.

She then proclaimed that Mel had seen his shadow and had told her so.

“Six more weeks of winter,” she said. Sorry!”

After Mel's prediction, Malverne residents enjoyed a free movie screening of Groundhog Day, a woodcarving demonstration at the gazebo, and a story time for kids at the Malverne LIbrary.