Petition, cleanup to target Silver Lake Park

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“Grew up in Baldwin right around the corner from the park! We spent all our childhood there! Fishing, feeding the ducks and hanging with friends! Don’t let another park go down! Please!” wrote Mary Lou Keane.

The Cleanup
The park cleanup was announced on March 20 by Curran, a Republican from Lynbrook, and has the backing of Mangano as well as the County Parks Department and Sanitary District 2. Although Curran said that he works closely with the BCA — and collaborated with it on an earlier cleanup of Silver Lake Park — he added that the petition did not prompt the scheduling of the April 27 restoration effort. He said that his office has made a priority of being active in Baldwin, and that was why, petition or no, he wanted to “take the lead at Silver Lake Park.”

Curran added that a second cleanup, targeting Lofts Pond Park, on Merrick Road between Windsor and Surrey Lanes, is on the near horizon.

“We’re committed to restoring this county park to its former splendor, especially after such a harsh winter,” a release from Curran’s office read. And Mangano issued a statement commending the BCA, Curran and Sani2 for partnering with the county to “preserve the beauty of Silver Lake Park while protecting its wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations.”

The cleanup will be divided into several parts. A group spearheaded by Sani2 will tend to the grass, flower beds, benches and masonry, in addition to removing graffiti, while the County Department of Parks, Recreation & Museums will focus on the lake itself, taking steps to preserve and protect the wildlife and plants there.

Viana said that the BCA, while happy about the cleanup, still plans to submit its petition to state and county officials, and that he hopes this will demonstrate Baldwin’s long-term commitment to maintaining the park.

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