Relieving hunger across Long Island

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Before she finished the sentence, Shubin Dresner said, the woman’s arms were around hers. “There were tears pouring out of my eyes and her eyes too,” she said. “The hug was going on forever, and finally when we released, she said, under her breath, ‘That was exactly what I needed.’ And she got back on her bicycle and rode off.

“That’s what made the adrenaline pump for me for the next two weeks,” Shubin Dresner said. “Just that situation. Because what she represented were a lot of people, and most that I would never get to meet.”

Nearly two months after the storm, Island Harvest volunteers continue to make the rounds, having visited the “four corners of Long Island,” as Shubin Dresner puts it.

She acknowledged that the organization was changed forever by Sandy. Indeed, she said the staff has already begun the process of creating a short-term and long-term “transitional work plan.” “We don’t know what that’s going to bet yet,” she said. “But we’ve already recognized that we’re different for a lot of reasons.”

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