Savage Sandy takes massive toll

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According to the best available information as of press time, Baldwin’s higher ground fared better against Sandy. There was damage, of course. Power was out. Trees were down. A century-old pine in front of the Shubert School did not survive the storm. But all reports indicated people felt things could have been worse.

As early as 3 p.m. on Oct. 31 power had been restored to Seaman Avenue and a few other streets. Families with small children organized early trick-or-treating ventures to take advantage of daylight.

“We’re OK,” said Theresa Press, a Plaza School class parent who lives on the Rockville Center boarder. “We snuck out to my mother in law’s house in Amityville for some Internet and a shower.” Press did indicate, however, that her thoughts were with those neighbors who lived closer to the sea. “My friend from down there says the water was up over the street signs,” Press said. “People had two feet of water in their living rooms.”

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