Syosset developers wants to build a new Coliseum

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The group plans to condense seating to between 8,000 and 12,000, depending on the type of event. Around the arena, their plan calls for the development of one million square feet of housing, 600,000 square feet of senior housing,, 1.6 million square feet of commercial activities, and 800,000 square feet of retail space, which would all be developed during a 7-year “build out period” beginning no later than 2017.

Their proposal also calls for an exhibition center to attract boat and car shows.

Blumenfeld said his company worked with Rossetti Architects, who specialize in arena design, to create something that looks “new and interesting and cutting edge.” “We want to design something that’s sort of technologically driven, interactively driven,” he said.

Entertainment and sports

Blumenfeld said his company has a partnership with SMG, who is the current operator of the Coliseum, and manages more than 200 facilities worldwide. He said he has also contacted AEG, a worldwide sports and entertainment company, which would also book events.

Blumenfeld said he believes his group presents an advantage due to its lack of conflicts with other arenas. “If Billy Joel is going to play, we want him to play at the Coliseum,” he said. “[The other groups] are going to want him to play at MSG or Barclays or one of their other venues and maybe get an extra date for the Coliseum.”

The group would also plan events with local circuses and the Harlem Globetrotters.
He said the group would “remain open” to bringing a full-time minor league hockey team, but their top priority would be to bring college sports, notably the Big 10, Southern Conference and Ivy League. His group has a partnership with the University of Michigan, and Blumenfeld said he would use that relationship to lure in more college athletics.

Economic impact

According to Blumenfeld, the development of the arena is expected to create 6,464 construction-related jobs, and the surrounding neighborhood would result in 4,600 permanent full-time jobs.

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