Bruins switch things up for a fundraiser


The Baldwin Bruins held a different kind of fundraising event on Nov. 5, where the High school football players traded places with the cheerleaders. These student athletes traded their roles and their uniforms to help raise money for the fellow cheerleaders.

The event featured a short game between the White and Blue players, where the girl cheerleaders play two quarters of football. The players ran the ball, tackled, and had a ton of fun on the field.

The cheerleading coach, Coach Lace, helped these the football players-turned-cheerleaders use new moves during the half-time performance. The cheerleader guys used one of the more famous cheerleaders moves under the direction of the Coach Lace, standing up while holding up other players.

Baldwin Bruins Cheerleaders played football, pitting the two teams - white shirts against blue shirts. The White shirts won with a score of 6-0, but judging by the looks on their faces, everyone playing was a winner.