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On March 19, we will have the opportunity to vote for the bond issue that will address much-needed and long-delayed improvements to our school district. As senior citizens and residents of the district since 1971, we urge you to support this bond.

Our reasons are threefold. There has been a proud tradition of providing a quality education to our students, and it is in our best interest to continue that tradition. Safer and more cohesive instructional space, as well as modern science labs, are some of the essential elements in attaining that goal.

Our homes are a valuable asset, and the reputation of the Rockville Centre School District is a major factor in maintaining that value. We believe that the additional cost of $10 per month for the average homeowner is a wise investment.

Because of low interest rates, competitive bidding and New York State Building Aid, the timing of the bond issue is excellent.

The education of our children is the responsibility of the community as a whole, so let us all support the bond issue.

Vincent and Helen Bohn

Rockville Centre

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