Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

March 14-20, 2013


Reinventing village government

To the Editor:
You can always tell a good person by their word — it’s their bond, and Mayor Fran Lenahan and his team have kept their promises to our community over the past two years. With an unprecedented two consecutive tax cuts for working families and seniors, Lenahan, Deputy Mayor Bruno Romano and their team are reinventing the village government.
They promised to cut taxes — they’ve done that twice in as many years. They promised to save our tax dollar by getting rid of highly paid government bureaucrats earning six-figure salaries. They were good to their word, and those individuals were replaced with more competent personnel earning sensible salaries. Then-candidate Lenahan assured us that roadways would be improved, potholes filled and sanitation refocused as an efficient machine.  He delivered. Newsday called it a “community comeback.” I call it good governing.
The village board has now put the recovery from Hurricane Sandy at its forefront. Millions of tons of garbage, debris and tree materials were collected from homes in the area. New businesses are being attracted to downtown as the regional economy improves. Beautification in East Rockaway continues.
This is tremendous progress from where we were two short years ago, and Lenahan and his administration are the people to thank.  They have done extremely well in office, and each and every day they make sure that East Rockaway continues to grow, rebuild and remain a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

Cary Meltzer
East Rockaway

Romano cares about community

To the Editor:
For more than four decades, Deputy Mayor Bruno Romano has been part of our East Rockaway community. A graduate of Centre Avenue Elementary and East Rockaway High School, Bruno is a powerhouse who actively takes part in a wide array of community organizations, from Msgr. Walsh-St. Raymond’s Knights of Columbus to Order of the Sons of Italy and even the East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce.

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