BREAKING NEWS: Former deputy county exec, a one-time assemblyman, pleads not guilty to obstruction charges

North Bellmore schools transportation deadline approaching

The North Bellmore School District provides transportation for students who are residents of the district in grades K-3 living a distance greater than a half mile up to 15 miles and grades 4-6 living a distance greater than one mile up to 15 miles from the schools they attend.

Dinkelmeyer students inspired by Dr. King's message

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s contributions to the civil rights movement were the subject of several reading and writing assignments at John Dinkelmeyer Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District.

Merrick scouts are off to the races at Pinewood Derby

Merrick Cub Scout Pack 206 gathered at the Methodist Church of Merrick on Sunday to build and race Pinewood Derby cars, or small wooden cars, for a chance to compete in a regional competition.

Two Kennedy students selected as Regeneron Scholars

Two John F. Kennedy High School students have been selected as Regeneron Science Scholars.

Fire commissioner races announced in the Bellmores

Hundreds of Bellmorites took to the polls on Dec. 12 to elect fire commissioners of the Bellmore and North Bellmore fire districts.

Bellmore’s Pollan named senior project manager

Brett Pollan, of Bellmore, has been named senior project manager at TripleCare, a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities.


Hey, N.Y.C., hands off L.I.’s water

New York City wants Long Island’s water. We shouldn’t give it to the city, period. Here’s the thing: If granted state approval, the city could just take it.

Jerry Kremer

There has to be a better way to treat immigrants

If you hang around Congress these days or happen to visit the White House, there are three words that you dare not utter. One is “obstruction,” another is “collusion” and, for some unexplained and sad reason, the latest dirty word in the Republican-controlled House and Senate is “immigrant.”

Alfonse D'Amato

Trump's first year ends where it should have started

The mad dash is on in Washington to enact a tax bill, and at the same time to pass a funding bill to keep the U.S. government open and functioning into the new year. How did we come to such a scrambled situation, in which these major issues are backed up against the clock ticking down toward 2018? As the saying goes, timing is everything.

Randi Kreiss

Puppy love touches the heart, and the purse

“Grandma ate rat poison.” That was the text my sister sent to her son. Anguished, he thought of his sick grandmother, who was living alone in Lynbrook. He ran for his car and called my sister on the way.