A Herald Q&A with congressional candidate Kathleen Rice

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Rice: Lax drunken driving laws are a problem across the country and the federal government has a pivotal role to play in encouraging the sharing of innovative solutions and pushing states to act locally to strengthen their laws. My anti-DWI activism is a lifelong commitment, and it won’t stop if I’m elected to Congress. Neither will my interest in leveling the playing field for honest kids against peers who cheat on their college entrance exams.

Herald: The only election you ever lost was in 2010, when you ran for state attorney general. What did you learn from that loss?

Rice: I’m a deeply introspective person who tries very hard never to make the same mistakes twice. That said, I know the communities of my congressional district very well, and my campaign’s core will be as it always is – I’ll work my butt off, I’ll tell the truth, and I’ll have detailed ideas and practical plans for how I can try and make my neighbors’ lives a little bit better.

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