Adaptive athlete, a Kennedy grad, inspires nationwide

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Hammerman appeared on a “Good Stuff” segment on CNN in July 2013. The story has since been nominated as one of the top 10 stories of the year in the series. The poll is still open on

Canarick said it was phenomenal that her daughter’s story touched people nationwide, adding that her daughter will continue to inspire others as a motivational speaker. Her first speaking showcase is on Feb. 17 at the National Association for Campus Activities’ national convention in Boston, Mass.

Hammerman said she is excited to be able to express herself in the way she wants at the convention. “I truly believe I have a powerful voice for a reason,” she said. “If I only change one person’s life out of 1,000, I have pretty much done my job.”

Hammerman is also currently pursuing a master’s degree in college student affairs at Nova Southeastern University, noting that her time at Lynn as an undergraduate was important to her. As a sophomore at the college in 2009, she founded the Disability Awareness Initiative, comprising eight events aimed at teaching able-bodied students about the daily challenges that students with disabilities face. It has since expanded to Florida Atlantic University.

An avid user of social media, Hammerman can be found on Instagram and Twitter @iAdaptFitness. Canarick said her daughter is an excellent communicator across platforms, and that she is proud of all she has done and will continue to do working with others.

“I only hope that she continues to be happy, be healthy and just has all of her wishes come true, and that she truly has a positive effect on other people’s lives,” she said. “She is very headstrong. When she puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her.”

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