Bellmore Scout awarded highest honor

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In addition to the “Take Action” project, a Girl Scout must meet other requirements to receive a Gold Award. According to the organization, scouts must have completed two senior or ambassador journeys, or have already received the Silver Award and completed one additional journey. Donna Ceravolo, executive director of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County, said less than 5 percent of Girl Scouts throughout the nation earn this award nationally.

“It is such an accomplishment to be a recipient of the Gold Award,” said Donna Ceravolo, executive director of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County. “For most girls receiving the Gold Award, it is the pinnacle of achievement and recognition.”

Officials said recipients of the Gold Award can receive other benefits. Winners who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces may receive advanced rank for their achievements. Most universities and colleges offer scholarships or other recognition to Gold Award recipients, according to the organization. Officials noted that notable Gold Award recipients include Jan Hopkins, CNN financial news anchor, and Betsy Boze, senior fellow at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and President at Kent State University Stark.

Girl Scouts of Nassau County currently has 20,000 girl and 7,000 adult members across the area. Deanna has been a Girl Scout since kindergarten.

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