Bellmore elementary school districts honor retirees

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On June 14, faculty and students presented him with a scrapbook of memories featuring a page from every class. The classes also shared their favorite “Molinelli Moment,” including “dressing up funny for PARP,” his “really loud laugh” and his habit of reading books to them.

The assembly featured a slideshow that included Molinelli’s baby and family, as well as photos documenting his career. Diane Kalish, his secretary, and the PTA presented him with gifts, and students sang a song to the tune of “The Mickey Mouse Club March.”

“The one thing I will miss most is all of your faces,” Molinelli told the students.

Lauren Giordano, a first grade teacher who helped organize the assembly, said he would be missed, but not forgotten. At the Board of Education meeting a few days later, Trustee Jay L.T. Breakstone said he would miss the principal whom he can’t imagine the district doing without.

“He is a dedicated educator who is respected because he respects others, and he demonstrates unquestionable integrity and can be trusted as, above all, a team player,” Breakstone said. “The fact of the matter is Cliff Molinelli is very much a part of the foundation of this district.”

Bellmore’s board also congratulated Jeanne Linn, Eileen Foronjy and Connie Garrone on their retirements, and thanked them for their service to the district.

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