Business is back in Bellmore-Merrick

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But, he added, “I feel good with the weather breaking.”

So do local real estate brokers. Kathy Bay, an owner-broker at Select-a-Home/Island South Realty in Merrick, said, “Our inventory is low, and that’s driving up the market. If you’re a seller, it’s a good time to sell, so long as your house is priced correctly.” For buyers, she said, “So long as you have a job and good credit, you’ll get a mortgage.”

Other merchants, hard hit by the economy and Superstorm Sandy, are now also starting to see an uptick in business. The Rock Underground, a rock music school on Bedford Avenue in Bellmore, lost many of its students after Sandy rolled across the area. Nearly a year and a half later, those students are starting to return. “We have people that had to fall out because their schedules were completely interrupted” by Sandy, said Billy Handy, one of the school’s founders. “A huge percentage of students are now starting to come back.”

And so, too, is the Bellmore-Merrick business scene, it appears.

Julie Mansmann contributed to this story.

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