Library budgets pass in Bellmore, North Bellmore


Bellmore and North Bellmore residents recently approved of their respective libraries’ budgets, as both 2014-15 spending plans were passed in elections held last week.

In Bellmore, 125 people voted in support of a $2.74 million spending plan on April 9, library officials said. One day later, the North Bellmore Public Library’s proposed $2.73 million budget was approved, as 101 residents voted to pass the plan on April 10.

The Bellmore Library’s proposed budget, which 39 residents voted against, includes an increase in the tax levy – or the total amount that the library needs to raise in property taxes to meet expenses – of 3.5 percent. In a letter to the community in their spring newsletter, library officials implored residents to approve of the budget so they could continue to fulfill their mission and be “the information and communication center of the community where people, ideas and knowledge come together in a common space for the purpose of lifelong learning.”

The North Bellmore spending plan includes a tax-levy increase of 1.27 percent. According to budget figures compiled by library administrators, this means that residents living in a North Bellmore home assessed at $334,375 would pay $300 in library taxes in 2014-15. Information posted on the library’s website indicates that 50 residents voted against the plan.

When they went to the polls last week, residents also elected a member of each library’s board of trustees. One race resulted in a newcomer joining his library’s board.

Two candidates were running for one seat on the Bellmore Library board. The incumbent, Karolyn Hertzberg, will vacate her post in June. Robert Paz defeated Lois Rosenberg in the election, 107-62.

In North Bellmore, the library’s current board president, Barbara Fillios, was re-elected. She garnered 119 votes this year.