MAMS teacher out after ‘Princesses L.I.’ cameo

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Noah Samton, an executive producer of “Princesses Long Island,” wrote in an email that he had seen all of the footage shot at the pool party, and he believed that Serie’s behavior was “exemplary.” “Mr. Serie did not drink at the party,” Samton wrote. “He encouraged other party-guests to moderate their drinking. He expressed concern over the harsh language guests used towards each other. He tried to keep other guests from arguing and encouraged them to treat each other with more respect. Mr. Serie behaved exactly as a responsible middle school teacher should — he was a moderating influence in a situation that was extremely difficult to moderate.”

Kilada said that Serie declined to continue appearing on the show after the pool party.

“What he tells the producer is … it’s not something that I particularly want to associate myself with. I’m going to remove myself from the situation,” Kilada said. “He knows right from wrong, and he has a strong moral compass … He hasn’t done anything wrong, but just being in that environment is not something he wanted.”

Board meeting protest

Kilada spoke with the Herald outside the July 24 meeting of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District Board of Education at the Brookside School, which more than 100 community members, including dozens of MAMS parents and students, attended to voice their support for Serie and to demand his reinstatement. Serie’s supporters held a rally outside Brookside before the meeting, chanting, “Bring Serie back,” waving handmade signs, calling on cars driving by to honk their horns and speaking with members of the press.

Stacy Grossman, a MAMS parent, called Serie “a wonderful role model for our children.” “The children all love him and respect him,” Grossman said. “No one will fill Mr. Serie’s shoes.”

Joseph Francese, a MAMS science teacher and cross-country coach, said he was at the rally to support Serie as “a colleague and a friend.” “He was one of the most professional, dedicated, hardest-working teachers I’ve had the pleasure of ever working with,” Francese said. “I want to see him back. He’s one of the most positive influences that we’ve had in this school.”

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