Herald Endorsement

Muscarella deserves your vote in District 8


Never mind the fact that Republican incumbent Legislator Vincent Muscarella is running unopposed to represent the residents of the 8th District for the next two years. He still deserves their votes for the work he has put in as an active voice in the Legislature, having promised to maintain bipartisanship and with his sights fixed on problems that need fixing.

Muscarella has been in the District 8 seat for 18 years. The district encompasses parts of Franklin Square, Elmont and West Hempstead, where Muscarella lives. He has a unique familiarity with his constituency that few can match, and he knows what is important to them. There are many issues that he is focused on that are not limited to the district, he says. For example, one of his top priorities is keeping younger residents in Nassau County, and he wants to accomplish that by spurring economic development and providing tax relief. We believe him, and we also believe that the effort will ultimately benefit his constituents.

Muscarella has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond for 8th District residents, and recognizes the importance at times of setting aside political considerations and compromising by reaching across the aisle. It is important for local politicians to remain humble, he says, but also to raise their voices to spur positive change, but to do so in a way that does not alienate either constituents or fellow leaders. He takes pride in not demonizing anyone with a view that does not agree with his, and welcomes public debate if it can lead to legitimate improvement.

Muscarella has given his all for his constituents, and we encourage them to return the favor by returning him to office next Tuesday.