N. Bellmore district’s leadership shifts

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Most recently, Rosof was an assistant principal at Westlake Middle School in Westchester County for two years. Testa noted that he taught kindergarten for 13 years, in addition to intermediary elementary grade levels. He will begin working in North Bellmore in August. As Bennett did at Martin Avenue, Rosof will hold a meet-and-greet with parents this summer.

Testa said the search process for the principal’s position involved administrators, faculty members and parents. “We did an extensive search because we really wanted to find the right person,” she said. “We had an excellent pool of candidates. [Rosof] was in a very competitive process, and he was well-received by all constituency groups.”

The search is now on for the next assistant principal at Saw Mill, as Testa explained that Evelyn Lolis announced several months ago that she had accepted the principal’s position at Hewlett Elementary School.

Testa said the search to fill this vacancy began before Bennett moved to Martin Avenue. The interview committee, including Rosof, will reconvene to continue the search.

Another job search will open this winter, as Director of Curriculum and Instruction Roxanne Garcia France revealed at the July 2 meeting that she has accepted the same position in Valley Stream District 30. She served North Bellmore for one year.

Testa said that Instructional Technology Specialist Janet Pollitt would assume Garcia France’s role until the district begins the search for a new administrator. She said they decided to start the school year with Pollitt in this role because she has been in the district for nearly 15 years, and technology and curriculum are so closely linked.

“Because Janet has been such an instructional leader for us, we knew we could hit the ground running and not miss a beat,” she said. “It was a very natural transition and step to place Mrs. Pollitt there.”

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