South Bellmore Civic Association, landscaper beautifying Bellmore at Mill Pond Park, post office

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Chad Milman, the civic group’s vice president, said the project is one of several that the organization has done to beautify parts of Bellmore. He noted that the group is investigating installing entrance pillars and signs on each of the community’s peninsulas.

The association’s newest board member, Jason Phillips, is also working to have the façade of the Bellmore Plaza shopping center cleaned.

Milman added that the board would remain in touch with Bellmore JFK Alumni, Inc. and school officials to discuss ways that they could improve the appearance of John F. Kennedy High School. “If you don’t see trash on the ground, you won’t throw trash on the ground,” he said. “That’s the mentality we’re trying to have and promote.”

Anderson said he would be interested in helping with other community projects. He suggested that he could contact wholesale nurseries that might donate more plants for larger-scale projects.

Frankel explained that any beautification projects could help Bellmore’s business community. If the community looked more inviting, she said, quality retailers would be attracted to move in and stay.

“We need more established businesses that can stay for a long time and become a part of the community,” she said. “Once the town looks like it’s at a certain level, it’s going to have a calling for higher-end businesses. If we’re not looking good, these stores are going to stay vacant.”

While the South Bellmore Civic Association will not meet in June, July or August, Frankel said, the organization’s leaders would update members through newsletters, their website and Facebook.

Dugger said he is excited to see what is next on the agenda for the group and the community.

“Under Ali’s leadership, we’re fulfilling a need that is so great,” he said. “She stepped up, recognized that need and is working to fill the need. I’m so excited to be a part of this.”

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