Thrills under the Big Top

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Charismatic animal trainer Tabayara is another favorite with audiences. Standing fearless inside the tiger arena, eye to eye with 13 ferocious exotic big cats, he creates a thrilling display of the remarkable connection between a man and his tigers. In this show he presents a new element as four tigers, each poised with just one razor sharp
claw on a spindle, use their hind legs to rotate in perfect unison. Tabayara and these mighty tigers jump, roar and dance, and have the audience on the edge of their seats.  
Then there are the Tower Tumblers, a troupe of 10 competitive aerial athletes who use an unusual trampoline apparatus to perform rare acrobatic combinations of calculated strength and daring precision to defy gravity. The troupe uses two trampolines as spring boards to catapult their bodies in a whimsical but harmonized, freestyle aerial tumble where they dive over, around and even through a three-story high translucent tower.    
The Danguir Family has everyone’s attetion as they raise the roof, looming high above the arena floor, on a high-wire as thin a pencil, as they execute difficult acrobatics and dangerous stunts. The Danguirs construct two-man pyramids and intricate jumps, including an incredible one-man leap from one troupe member’s shoulder to another’s. Audiences also will witness the inconceivable and fearless high-wire attempt by troupe leader Mustafa when he jumps a car length’s distance over four troupe members balanced on the high wire.
Another of McClain’s favorites, the dynamic Duo Fusion and Duo Solys hand-balancers, demonstrate powerful passion and insane flexibility in a presentation of symmetry where in a turn of unexpected events the petite females, Virginia and Tatiana are supporting their male partners, Giovanni and Hector. These distinct yet captivating couples maintain perfect synchronization even as Virginia attempts to balance Giovanni, upside down on her shoulders, poised in three-inch heels and Tatiana attempts to elevate Hector with only one arm. “It’s unbelievable what strength these women have,” said McClain.
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