To dream, to seek, to buy...and then to do

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I made one world-class, hallelujah cake, with 12 hand-made clowns sitting on the edge of three chocolate layers. Their little multi-colored legs hung over the sides. It was exquisite, perfection in sugar and almond paste. It took me five days to decorate, and by that time the cake was stale. So was the idea.

I moved on to Chinese cooking with more success. Went to Chinatown. Bought woks, strainers, black fungus, fermented beans, dried fish, Chinese cabbage, Chinese water chestnuts, homemade noodles and wonton wrappers. I cooked Chinese food for years, culminating in a grand banquet I prepared myself: egg rolls, soup, ribs, noodles, vegetable rice, stir-fried seafood, steamed fish. All homemade. Now that was a great investment. I still shop in Chinese markets and I still use my wok.

But the Chinese project is an exception among many well-financed but abandoned efforts.

Case in point: When my PC died, I bought this snappy new MacBook Air because I plan to write a memoir. I researched computers for weeks, made my choice, and spent too much money. And what?

Do you see me writing a memoir?

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