Ingoglia for mayor; Annarella, Hassett for trustees


Anyone familiar with the history of Island Park knows how important next Tuesday’s election will be. In a village where one party has reigned since the 1960s, this race is the first since 1990 in which the ballot has listed two parties — the Voice Party, formed in 2012, will challenge the longstanding Unity Party for the mayoralty and two trustee seats.

The outcome of the vote could set the tone for politics in Island Park for years to come. We believe that trustee candidates Joe Annarella and Laura Hassett, of the Unity and Voice parties, respectively, and Voice Party mayoral candidate Glenn Ingoglia are best suited to the positions.

As president of the village’s Chamber of Commerce — a position he would resign if elected mayor — Ingoglia has shown ambition and initiative, especially in his response to Hurricane Sandy. His involvement with organizations like the Island Park Civic Association and the Residential and Business Hurricane Relief Fund — which he founded — show a commitment to community we look for in a mayoral candidate.

Even more important, Ingoglia came to us with a vision of a village in which government transparency is key, residents and businesses have incentives to put down roots and political patronage is a thing of the past. He wants concrete, measurable improvements, including waived or reimbursed residential permit fees; a business district with clean, safe sidewalks and outdoor dining; a new railroad crossing and traffic light on Sagamore Road; and a safe and profitable Masone Beach.

Michael McGinty’s name should also be quite familiar to village residents — it pops up in The New York Times in articles that mention former Sen. Al D’Amato. As a longtime employee of the Town of Hempstead and a former Island Park village accountant, McGinty certainly doesn’t lack experience.

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