A daughter’s tribute to her parents

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To this day, I feel their love all the time; they are supportive in all our decisions and still very family-oriented. Mom and Dad would do anything for anyone. They both have hearts of gold and much love to spread. Not only are they wonderful, devoted parents to my sister and I, but awesome grandparents to Jennifer, Katie, Ashley, Zachary, and Brittany in heaven, a wonderful aunt and uncle to Kathy, Jessica, Paulie, Walter, Chris and Maureen, loving in-laws to Phil and Mark, great friends to many, but also our best friends. We would not be where we are today without the guidance and devoted love of our parents, William and Mary Alice Kneisel also known as Mommy and Daddy.

Carrie Petrocca-Aronson has lived in East Meadow since she was 6 years old. A graduate of East Meadow High School, she works as a senior manager of a corporate communications at Telephonics Corporation in Farmingdale. She is married to her husband, Phil, and has three children.

Jeanne Kneisel Ostrander is a 1981 East Meadow High School graduate. She lived in East Meadow until she married Mark Ostrander in 1987.  She moved with her family to Palm Harbor in 1994 with their two children, Jennifer and Katie.

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