County executive primary is today

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Age: 51
Lives in: Glen Cove
Career: Attorney, Harris Beach law firm
Political experience: Mayor, City of Glen Cove, 1994-2001; Nassau County Executive, 2002-09
Family: Wife, Helene; three children

Why are you the best candidate to challenge the current county executive?
I am the one candidate in this race with the vision, experience and proven record of putting this county on solid fiscal footing and setting us out on a path towards a better future. When I came into office, Nassau’s finances were in disarray. But I cleaned them up, putting the county back on solid ground. I reduced borrowing, cut the county’s debt and had eight straight years of balanced budgets. And under my leadership, Nassau had 13 consecutive bond rating upgrades, the most of any municipality in America over that period.

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When: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Your local polling place
Who: Registered Democratic voters of Nassau County

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