Don Resnick’s ‘Essence of Place’

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In her curator’s statement, Albert noted that prior to his death, Resnick had reiterated, “The inspiration for my paintings is the intense experience of a place — its particular light, its particular space — at a unique moment in time.”
“In today’s fast-paced world with the constant intrusion of cell phones, text messages, Facebook updates and Twitter feeds,” she continued, “Don Resnick’s work reminds us to the enjoy the moment, to contemplate and appreciate the wonder and beauty of the natural environment in which we live. As we open our eyes and minds to see and experience that which we see every day, Resnick’s paintings take on a greater importance and meaning as they have captured a landscape that is ever-changing, and, in many cases, at risk.”
An interactive touch screen kiosk in the gallery provides supplemental material on the artist’s process as well as his traditional artistic training steeped in landscape painting and modernist directions influenced by his studies with both Soyer and Kokoshka.
“I hope that people go to see what meant so much to him and what he found so beautiful about this world,” said Jeanette Resnick.
Many of the works on view are available for purchase from the Resnick family collection.“Don wanted them to be seen,” Jeanette Resnick explained. “Much of his work has already been sold, what is left is really lovely and should find a home.” Those interested in acquiring a piece from the artist’s estate can contact the Resnick family via email at

Don Resnick: Essence of Place
When: Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., through
Aug. 15.
Where: Hofstra University’s Emily Lowe Gallery, Emily Lowe Hall, South Campus, Hempstead. (516) 463-5672 or

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