Dunne, Clarke running for L.D. 15


Dennis Dunne, Sr., a Republican who has represented the 15th Legislative District for more than 18 years, is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Jonathan Clarke, an attorney from Levittown.

Recent redistricting shifted Salisbury from the 13th Legislative District to the 15th. Also included in L.D. 15 is Levittown and Island Trees.

Q: What are the biggest issues facing the 15th Legislative District?

The biggest concern of my constituents is how to maintain the suburban American Dream of a house with a yard, while dealing with out-of-control taxes and urban sprawl. The dilemma is that we need jobs but not the traffic that comes along with these jobs. Hempstead Turnpike and Old Country Road are already clogged to capacity because of so many retail stores. The answer to this dilemma is that we need real jobs that create high revenue, not retail. Unfortunately, politicians in Nassau do not understand what 21st century businesses need, and these politicians cannot create real jobs. Politicians in Nassau are still concerned with issues of the last century. So while our biggest issue in the 15th District is maintaining quality of life, our biggest obstacle to achieving that is changing the outdated mode of politics and ideas that dominate the Nassau County Legislature.

Dunne: Fighting tax increases, rights, and rightsizing county government.


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