East Meadow Jewish Center turns back clock for Purim


The East Meadow Jewish Center continues to celebrate its 60th anniversary, and on Saturday, the synagogue held a pre-Purim masquerade with a groovy theme.

Purim commemorates the victory of the Jews over the Persian Empire in the 4th century B.C, and is celebrated by exchanging food packages among friends, giving charity to the poor, eating a traditional festive meal and reading the story of Purim from the Megillah, a Purim scroll.

Next week, the synagogue will hold its traditional Purim observances, but this past week, the pre-Purim party was aimed to celebrate the community. The theme —in accordance with its 60th anniversary — was a ’60s-party, and about one hundred congregants donned their best hippie attire for the occasion.

The band “Just Sixties” entertained the large crowd, and aside from dancing, attendees were provided with festive food and drinks. “It was a ’60s-celebration of our 60th anniversary,” said Molly Siegel, of East Meadow. “It was a wonderful evening.”