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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Fire pit safety tips
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No. 9, respect your neighbors. Your smoke condition may create a wonderful atmosphere for you, but not for those around you.

No. 10, your fire pit should be screened. A screen is likely to restrict embers from flying into the air. However, never operate your fire pit in windy weather. Wind or not, these embers are likely to land on a home or other combustible site causing a fire.

No. 11, never place your fire under an awning or other overhead structure. Heat from the fire can accumulate at the ceiling and reach the temperature of igniting combustibles.

No. 12, remember, the smoke you create can cause a reaction of concern in the community. Ultimately, the volunteers may be called to respond. If your smoke hangs low due to atmospheric conditions, it is time to put the fire out.

No. 13, if the fire department responds, the call is for your smoke. Please don’t hide your activity. It will only force our volunteers to patrol longer and in many cases, do a yard search to ensure our community is safe.

No. 14, put your fire out after each use. On many occasions, dozens of volunteers have responded in the early morning hours for an odor of smoke from a fire pit that was last enjoyed the previous evening.

No. 15, be aware that cooler temperatures force many homeowners to

shut off their garden hoses to prevent freezing. Always have a fire extinguisher or other source of water ready in the event of a mishap.

No. 16, if you are a neighbor reporting a smoky condition that is produced by a confined, controlled fire pit, you have reported a false alarm. False alarms only increase the risk to those who protect the community. A better option to stop a fire pit when a neighbor is uncooperative is to call law enforcement.

This article is intended solely for the safety of our community and our Fire Service. If you smell smoke outside and feel concerned, call the East Meadow Fire Department. We are ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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