For businesses, lockout a test of future without team

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Bob Cunningham, the general manager of Major’s Steakhouse on East Meadow Avenue, said his business has done “very well” even without the presence of the Islanders. But he added, “We definitely do have a clientele who go to the games and come here either before or after.”

Cunningham said that the restaurant used to be a haven for Islanders fans when the team won four consecutive Stanley Cups between 1980 and 1983. The restaurant was under the name Dr. Generosity’s at the time. “You used to have all the commotion here,” he said. “This is the home of Islander country.”

Indeed, he added that in early October — on the night that was supposed to be the Islanders’ first home game — a small group of Islanders fans arrived at his restaurant, dressed in jerseys, to keep up with their tradition.

“It’ll be a very sad day when the only professional sports team in Long Island leaves the area,” Cunningham said. “To let the building go dark would be a shame.”

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