Mixing personal training with nutritional counseling


Personal Training Institute

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Back in 1987, when Carol Kur and her former partner Evelyn Knapp founded Personal Training Institute (PTI), the concept of combining strength training with nutrition was uncommon. Weight loss facilities focused on diet. Health clubs and gyms gave you options for exercise. One-to-one “hand-holding” only took place when you hired a personal trainer or a private dietitian. Strength training was mostly pursued by body builders.

Somewhat before their time, the two young women devised a program to promote lifestyle change. Most of their clients came in for weight loss. They found that by offering each one a customized formula, excellent results were possible.

Knapp, a personal trainer, and Kur, a registered dietitian, worked with every client individually. They began in a basement, and then opened a location in Great Neck. Kur eventually took on a business partner, and throughout the years, franchised more than a dozen locations.

Kur, MSRD, now exclusively owns and operates the Rockville Centre facility. PTI continues to provide optimal health and wellness through one-on-one personal training and nutritional guidance.

“People are smarter today,” said Kur. “While years ago it was all about lowering calorie intake, now it’s more about the quality of food. Exercise options have many more components. What we offer can includes cardio, spin and strength training. People usually train two or three times a week for half-hour sessions, and get nutritional counseling once a week. There is no magic bullet for weight loss. A balanced diet and exercise should become second nature, not a temporary New Year’s resolution. We help people be kind to themselves.”

“Twenty-five years ago, most people who came to PTI wanted to lose ten or 20 pounds, or just tone up. Now many people come in with much more significant weight loss goals. The one-to-one program keeps them more accountable and motivated,” Kur added.

PTI offers a free one-hour trial where you get evaluated, discuss expectations, limitations and goals, and have a body fat analysis. If you sign up, a custom-tailored exercise and nutritional program is developed, backed by a certified personal trainer and a registered nutritionist. Packages are month-to-month, starting with a three-month minimum.

Gift certificates are always available. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to give a gift of health and well-being. Hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.