Recovering from Sandy’s wreckage

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McKevitt said he was so disappointed that he planned to craft legislation that would dissolve LIPA. “There’s nothing you can do to fix it. It’s a failed management model,” he said, adding that he would attempt to privatize LIPA’s assets and have it regulated by the New York State Public Service Commission, similar to Consolidated Edison, which provides electricity to New York City and Westchester County.

“I got into this job to help people out in public service, and that’s my perspective,” McKevitt said.

State Sen. Kemp Hannon, who lives in Garden City but represents East Meadow, said, “Since Hurricane Sandy devastated our area, we’ve been fielding literally thousands of calls and emails from constituents looking for assistance. LIPA’s response has been completely unsatisfactory, and their performance has been less than adequate.

“New Yorkers are a very resilient group, and we will overcome this,” Hannon added.

A press release on LIPA’s website on Tuesday said that the power authority expected to have 90 percent of its customers’ power restored by Wednesday.

Making do without power

East Meadow resident Todd Weinstein, who lives on Shari Lane, said his neighborhood was littered with downed power lines and trees. His home was without power for a week after the storm hit, but on Monday, he said, LIPA trucks finally arrived on his street.

In the future, Weinstein said, he would like to see a more coordinated effort between the Town of Hempstead and LIPA. “The town does its due diligence, but it doesn’t touch the trees,” said Weinstein, who has two children who attend Barnum Woods Elementary School.

Susan Weiss, who also lives near Barnum Woods, said her home was also without power. She, her husband and their two children had been taking showers in her sister’s house in Jericho. “I miss the heat,” Weiss said. “I’ve become accustomed to living without the lights. But it’s cold — it’s enough already.”

Helen Meittinis, a Salisbury resident and the president of the Community Association of Stewart Avenue, also lacked power as of Monday evening. “There’s no trucks around and we’re getting really discouraged,” said Meittinis, who was using the hot water at her son’s home in Sayville.

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