Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor, Week of Nov. 15


The storm was Electric Dept.’s ‘moment to shine’

To the Editor:

All too often, it takes a time of need to appreciate what is taken for granted. The day after Hurricane Sandy, the staggering numbers of those without power started to emerge. Clearly, this marked the beginning of a disastrous scenario for LIPA, but not for the Rockville Centre Electric Department.

I discovered more than ever just how lucky RVC residents should feel about all of our village services and the leadership of Mayor Murray — but the hurricane proved to be the Electric Department’s moment to shine!

It was clear that RVC had a plan and would tackle the storm damage head-on. Yes, many residents were forced to live without power for nearly a week, but one thing that can’t be disputed is that the Electric Department didn’t stop putting in 100 percent effort 24/7.

Fortunately, I only lost power for an hour due to Sandy, but ended up losing power during the nor’easter. I called the Electric Department early in the morning after that storm, and a courteous member of the department picked up the phone on the first ring. No automated phone system, no wild goose chase for answers, no holding for even a second! I was told that the town was once again “hammered,” but he had a positive attitude as he provided detailed information about the problem and an estimated time of resolution. LIPA is a monster in numbers compared with RVC, but one thing the leaders of LIPA can learn from RVC is how to properly plan and execute in the time it’s needed the most.

Later that afternoon, I watched as a village utility crew raced against the fading daylight to restore power to my area. I asked the supervisor on site to check on the status, and once again was given clear information.

After just 16 hours without power, which would normally seem like an eternity but in this scenario was a blessing, the lights were back on.

The Electric Department should be honored by the residents of our town by leading next year’s St. Patrick’s Parade with a lineup of their vehicles, the same way the Fire Department does, to give the members of this team, and from other departments, the appreciation and respect they deserve from the residents of our town who most likely have taken their services for granted in the past.

Doug Z. Goodstein

Rockville Centre