Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway


Grateful to have worked with McCarthy

To the Editor:

In the spring of 2012, I interned with Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy in her Washington, D.C., office. I was a sophomore at George Washington University then, and while Capitol Hill internships were common, this opportunity was unique for me in that I was able to serve my congresswoman and my congressional district.

My work in Congresswoman McCarthy’s office was varied. Some days I’d give tours to constituents, and other days I’d correspond with constituents about important issues affecting the 4th Congressional District.

What I most admire about the congresswoman is her gutsiness on controversial issues. Despite push-back from many organizations such as the NRA, she stood firm on her positions on gun control and automatic weapons. Regardless of one’s opinion on these issues, it is not hard to appreciate the congresswoman for her firm and consistent beliefs.

Additionally, I always relate Congresswoman McCarthy’s personal story to my peers, many of whom believe that there is no way the “average Joe” can get to Washington and become an elected member of Congress. Her story teaches us that through passion, dedication and gusto, a nurse from Mineola can get elected to Congress. I will miss Congresswoman McCarthy’s placid tone, yet firm beliefs on important topics that affect our everyday lives.

Her career in Congress has enriched my desire to enter public service after college and serve people with the same level of grace, courage and commitment Carolyn McCarthy demonstrated during her time in office. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served her and the 4th District.

Jeremy Rosenberg