Discovering Earth at the library

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There were scavenger hunts and raffles as well, offering visitors of all ages an endless variety of activities. More than a dozen library officials were on hand to offer help, assisted by volunteer pages from the East Meadow School District — Michelle Severo, Isabella Oliverio, Bryan Cassinera and Kaitlyn Insinna.

“Providing this exhibit to the community has widened our staff and patrons’ definition of what a library can and should be,” said library Director Carol Probeyahn. “The communal experience that is provided for residents to meet and interact with the displays has far-reaching consequences which we, as an institution, will continue to explore.”

This wasn’t the first time the library has held a large nature-based exhibit. In 2009, it received a grant to host Visions of the Universe, which featured large panels containing information about the solar system. The library was just one of 40 in the country to receive the grant.

The interactive computers will remain at the library until Feb. 2.

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