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Burgers come as single, double or triple. “Build Your Best Burger” or opt for a signature, such as a Brisket burger with Swiss cheese, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and sauce, or go BAD (Breakfast All Day) with a burger, cheese, bacon, fried egg, maple syrup, hash browns, grilled onions and ketchup. VegeFi Burgers boast quinoa with vegetables, red wine and white cheddar on a whole grain bun. Even hot dog options are unique, like the Chicken Apple Dog. For any burger or hot dog, you can choose a roll or go “green style,” substituting lettuce for the bread. Hand cut fries come in flavors with toppings.

Cupcakes, cones, floats and concretes fill the dessert options. A concrete is frozen custard layered with mix-ins, like the Red Velvet, which has vanilla custard and red velvet cake. An OMC concrete — chocolate custard layered with peanut butter, brownies, chocolate chips and sprinkles — is as decadent as it gets.

Signature burgers range from $5.57 to $9.97. Hot dogs are $3.47 to $4.97. Some toppings are free, some aren’t. Fries and onion rings are $2.97 to $4.97. Desserts are $3.47 to $5.97. Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

■ BurgerFi Cheeseburger
■ VegeFi Burger
■ BAD (Breakfast All Day) Burger
■ Brisket Burger
■ Chicago Style Dog
■ Urban Fries
■ Crispy Onion Rings
■ Red Velvet Frozen Concrete
■ OMC (Oh My Chocolate!) Concrete
■ Coffee Mocha Shake

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